Thursday, March 21, 2013


I do love Giclee fine art prints and when one of my favourite new online stores TheChicElement started stocking these beauties by Sarah Hankinson I just had to share them with you. The Melbourne Illustrator catches the femininity of her subjects and I love the occassional splashes of colour.

Since its launch earlier this year TheChicElement have added a ton of gorgeous wares to their store - all aimed at reinventing your office space. Since decorating my own home office (twice - I kicked my husband out of his office and now it's mine!) I know the value of having a space that reflects you. 

I've just about finished my room makeover in my new office space, and one of my favourite things is my gallery wall, I think the 'Jessica' is the missing link I've been looking for!
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Thursday, March 14, 2013


I can't believe its nearly a month since I last posted. I have been so busy work wise and on the home front I had to sacrifice a few things and one of them was my beloved blog.

I mentioned a while ago I was working on an online store and I'm happy to say that it is now up and running! I'm constantly working on sourcing new products that work well with the aesthetic of Habitat + Beyond Kids, so expect more products to be added soon! 

It's so hard to find gorgeous linens for children's rooms and nurseries and I'm so happy to be stocking Kate Lauren designs. Teamed up with the typography prints I designed, handmade mobiles and gorgeous decor pieces I'm so happy with the final result. You can check it out for yourself here.

Navy Cross Bean Bag

Dots Bean Bag

Chase Your Dreams Letterpress Print

Nate Hudson Bedding

Lovely Symphony Mobiles

Another thing I am excited about is the Adore Home book. I have already pre-ordered my book and if you haven't already ordered yours the stakes have been raised even higher. Loni the Editor and creator of Adore Home is hosting a shopping tour of Brisbane, where she will share all her favourite haunts!

There are some amazing interiors stores in BrisVegas and this is the perfect way to discover new delights. Some of the stores will also be sharing their styling tips and how-to's! 

There are 2 options to choose from:

Standard package includes 1 ticket aboard the Adore Home 

shopping tour. This exclusive tour will take you to the best interior 

shops in Brisbane. Plus some of the stores will give styling 
how-tos and decorating tips. Price includes charter bus, lunch, 
printed guide, goodies bag and 1 invitation to the book launch party.
All of the above plus you get 1 copy of the Adore Home 
book, 2 invitations to the book launch party, plus 
a special VIP goodies bag with contents worth over $100.

All of the above plus you get one copy of the Adore Home book, 2 invitations to the book launch party plus a special VIP goodies bag with contents over $100!

You can pre-order the book now and the pledge is only processed once the target to fund the book is reached! Click here to order your copy now!

Glad to be back!
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Thursday, February 7, 2013


Lately I've been thinking that my bedroom needs a mini makeover. Only a few minor changes like new bedding and a different wall colour behind the bed, but bedding in Australia can be sooo expensive and seeing as I only purchase our current set about a year ago, I can't quite justify the purchase...yet! 

Yesterday I was trawling the net as I do for one of my online clients and I came across some gorgeous AFFORDABLE bedding from Urban Outfitters - and guess what they also offer reasonable shipping rates to Australia! 

Here are a few of my favourites - though I'm not sure how my two big dogs will feel about having cats on the bed!

I love the black and white chevron print - do you have a favourite?

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Have you ever wished you could take a peek inside someone elses's home... (all the time right?!). Well as a huge admirer of Aimee Song, who I blogged about here, I was surprised when I did a bit of digging in her site and found some images of her old apartment in San Fransisco. Not unpleasantly surprised - just surprised! I would consider Aimee's personal style a little bit edgy, perhaps masculine with a feminine edge, and her apartment was a lot prettier and more wordly than I would have imagined. 

There are so many fabulous, eclectic pieces that I would imagine she has garnered from her globe trotting!

Now of course Aimee's wardrobe is to die for and you can see a really cute video here on her wardrobe tour!
image sources

One of my favourite things about Aimee is her ARM CANDY - just check this out...

image sources

for a daily dose of Aimee's style check out here instagram feed @songofstyle!

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Thursday, January 31, 2013


So I'm back to reality after a weekend at Gwinganna Health Retreat (well in actual fact I've been back to reality for a few days now, but only just getting back into the swing of things blog-wise!). The retreat is located only 20 minutes away from where I live on the Gold Coast, and is frequented by Hugh Jackman - unfortunately he wasn't there that weekend. As other Mum's would appreciate it's sometimes very hard to squeeze any 'me' time in so a request to my husband for a weekend there as a Christmas present was met and off I went!

I had booked in a couple of treatments for when I arrived, followed by an early group dinner to meet the other 60-odd retreat-ee's and early night was called for so I had engergy for the 5:30am wakeup call. The morning consisted of Qi Gong at 6am followed by a Fit Ball class - where I learnt that core strength is not MY strength. Followed by an organic breakfast and then a choice of classes. I was looking forward to the deep water running session but we decided against it as the pool had dropped temperature to 25 degrees with all the rain. So we opted for a boxing class instead. More food at 11am - a delicious banana and almond milk smoothie and herbal teas and then at 11:30 'The Dreamtime 'starts. This is the designated time for whatever type of relaxation takes your fancy... spa treatments, sauna, steam room, lounging by the pools (when the weather isn't so bad) just to name a few options. 

At four I had scheduled in a three hour treatment called Dusk Indulgence which consisted of a foot scrub and massage, full body scrub, wrap and massage and finally a facial - it was total bliss and definitely the highlight of my weekend! I drifted straight from my treatment to dinner, and from there to bed.

I opted not to go to Qi Gong again in the morning but did manage to drag myself out of bed in time for the 6:45 am Realignment class - and I'm so glad I did! I learnt some great techniques for stretching and finding out where my weak spots are. After breakfast I chose to do the Bosu class and then a spin class which gave me a great workout. The program doesn't finish until 2pm and you are welcome to stay until 6pm - which I had planned to do but with flood warnings across South East Queensland I decided to leave early in case of any drama's on the way home. I would love to share some photos with you but mobile phones are pretty much banned unless in your room, and with the non-stop rain while I was there I don't think they would have done the surroundings justice!

So this week I have just been catching up on my workload and still trying to get my new office finished - it's pretty much done but as I've mentioned before I'm a bit of a perfectionist! I was excited earlier today when I received an email to say that the new issue of Adore Home is out as I wasn't expecting it until tomorrow. I'm sure this is their biggest issue yet and I just loved the Kids Feature that I was so happy to be a part of!

I was totally in awe of the Diane Von Furstenberg penthouse in Hayman Island, I don't think I will be visiting there any time soon with it's $5000+ per night price tag but I can't dream right?

You can check out the whole issue for yourself here! Another exciting project in the land of Adore mag is the possibility that they will be publishing a book! By pre-ordering a copy you can make this possibility a reality (and snag an invite to the book launch party too) hop on over to to find out more! 

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Thursday, January 24, 2013


I'm about to start work on designing a playroom for a family and I would love to introduce lots of colour to the room in a subtle way so it can also be adult friendly. I really like this space belonging to fashion designer Ariane Goldman which appeared in Septembers issue of Lonny Magazine. The bones of the room are actually quite understated but the room is brought to life with some simple accessorising, What I love about this style of designing is that its so easy to update the look or the colour palette if you become tired of it at some point!

Ariane really has such a beautiful home so I thought I would share the rest of it in case any of you didn't catch this issue of Lonny.

 all images: Lonny Magazine

I love the mixture of seating styles and I'm a huge fan of that monochromatic rug! 

A little while ago I mentioned that I was off on a health retreat for a weekend - the time has now come! I'm incredibly excited to head off to Gwinganna tomorrow for a weekend of spa treatments, delicious organic food and lots of 'me' time. I'll share some of my highlights with you on the blog next weekend, and for all my Aussie followers - Happy Australia Day - enjoy the long weekend!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


A week or so I recieved an email from a lovely fellow blogger Marie from Home of Bambou tagging me for a Liebster Award which is encouraging people to discover new blogs! This is such a fabulous idea and not only can you find more blogs to follow but you can also learn a little bit more about them.

Marie has tagged me and another 10 bloggers - we need to share 11 things about ourselves and then answer the 11 questions from Marie.

11 Things You May Not Know About Me....

  • I was a long haul Flight Attendant for 3 years for Virgin Atlantic - I started when I was 19 and living back in England.
  • I have always had a fear of birds and as I have gotten older I have strangley become afraid of flying - which is weird if you look at #1.
  • I have been told by two different people (strangers) that I look like Boy George - compare to my profile pic to see if you agree!

  • I have a bit of an infatuation with the Victorias Secret Angels - are these girls even real?!

  • I am a perfectionist and can be quite stubborn but I will do anything for the people I care about.
  • If I wasn't an Interior Designer I would love to design shoes.
  • When I was younger I used to dream of marrying Prince. No, not 'A' Prince, the singer Prince! (or is that 'symbol' or 'the artist formally known as').
  • I love lifting heavy weights at the gym.

  • I am inspired by people who speak their minds.
  • I am obsessed with anything leopard print (you may already know this if you've read my About Me page - but it's too important not to share again!)
  • I am not a morning person and I get hangry (hungry + angry) if I don't eat regularly.

 and here are Marie's questions for me (and my answers)!

1 - Which talent would you like to have? 
I would love to be a great singer, I wouldn't like to be famous but to be able to belt out a tune at kareoke and wow the crowd with my talent would be pretty cool!

2 - Neutral or colors? 
Can I be tricky and say both? I love neutrals and colours paired together. I like classic pieces paired with a shock of colour - in both the home and with what I wear.

3 - What is your new year resolution?
I don't believe in them.... I believe they are a way to set yourself up to fail! I have some new habits that I started a little while ago now that I am trying to keep up - but I don't beat myself up about it if I slip up every now and again. 

4 - Which person (dead or alive) would you like to meet? 
Rachel Zoe - I would love to go shopping with her!

5 - What do you do to feel better when you're feeling down? 
I always put music on. Painting my toes makes me happy - I love having well manicured feet! And making my son laugh always makes me smile.

6 - What's your favorite song? 
I'm going to embarass myself immensly here and say Justin Beiber's Beauty and The Beat.....yes I am 34 next month and I have got Bieber Fever - oh dear!

7 - Do you buy yourself flowers? 
I buy them for the house from time to time, and I separate the bouquet so I can have a few smaller vases dotted around the house instead of one larger arrangement.

8 - Electronic organizer or paper? 
I'm trying to start doing it electronically as it's easier to have everything on my phone, but nothing beats an old fashioned organiser or diary.

9 - What did you do for the holdays? 
We had family over from England so we spent a lot of time with them, my son learnt to walk and we chilled out on the beach a lot - heaven!

10 - Madonna or Lady Gaga? 
Ooh that's a good one! I'm a bit of a Lady Gaga fan at the moment but I would have to say Madonna - she's lead an interesting life and I would love to find out how she manages to look so good... I'd love to steal her little black book of beauty secrets!

11 - Figurative art or abstract art? 

Thanks Marie for tagging me - it was a lot of fun!

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